ActivTrades Erfahrungen 2020 Der FX-Broker im Test


Short? Long? Who gives a fuck as long you're maxed out! "Gain as if you'll live forever. Trade as if you'll die today. ...Then, go fuck yourself."

Haven't actively traded FOREX in a decade. Reopened my Oanda account and found it still has funding. What to do?

I used to have a very successful basket carry strategy. Across 15+ pairs with fake "hedging" closing out pairs within a range, and using a EUR sub account for my negative interest USD/EUR trades. Made enough for my wedding ring, honeymoon and down payment on my house.
I realize in that time a TON of regs took place and I never went back into creating a new strategy.
With all the talk around Bitcoin, I thought it would be reminisce to pull out Oanda. Low and behold in a sub account was some funds.
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Looking for people who actively trade forex.

Hi, everyone. I am doing research for a documentary project. I need to get hold of some people who trade forex actively. They won't be in the actual documentary, I just need to chat with some people as part of the research.
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[Business] - Saudi Arabia warns public against illegal forex trading activity

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I want to open an actively managed portfolio & I want a portfolio manager to make trades on my behalf and monitor my growth and make suggestions. I specifically want to invest in Forex

I want to invest in forex, index etfs and index bfs. What's the best resource? Who should I open an account with? Looking for low fees, transparency, communication and experience.
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Woody & Kyle, with all your free time are you tempted to learn how to day/swing trade stocks or forex?

Actively trading forex or stocks is such a hard thing to do & takes so much time to master. But with woody & kyles lifestyle allowing them a lot of free time, it may allow them to put a lot more effort into it than most. With the art of compounding, it eventually becomes a worthwhile endeavour and a great income.
Also I know chiz mentioned a while ago he was trading stocks, so he could offer some great advice.
Maybe it’s a stupid question, but trading really interests me so I thought I’d ask
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I'm back. Another 90 day challenge.

Hello all...
I was here a year ago and I stopped gaming for 2 months and started back afterwards. I think i'm back on the addict level so I need a reality check.
I'm vowing to stay clean for 90 days, until July 15th. To keep myself business I will work on finding clients for my digital marketing agency and continue learning to actively trade forex better.
(tomorrow i'll be uninstalling all my games and deleting all gaming social applications)
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Hello! Report of trading activities on news factors for the first half of November 2019 for several major accounts (FOREX investment program). 👥 Sincerely, TBM-TRUST Team! 🌐 #TBMTRUST #blockchain #investment #money #funds #market #bonds #exchange #company #results #result

Hello! Report of trading activities on news factors for the first half of November 2019 for several major accounts (FOREX investment program). 👥 Sincerely, TBM-TRUST Team! 🌐 #TBMTRUST #blockchain #investment #money #funds #market #bonds #exchange #company #results #result submitted by TBMTRUST to u/TBMTRUST [link] [comments]

‪A short report of trading activities on news factors for the first week of November 2019 for some major accounts (FOREX investment program).‬ ‪🌐‬ ‪#TBMTRUST #result #investor #mlm #business #bitcoin #forex #hagefunds #mining #forks #IPO #betting #bet #ETF‬

‪A short report of trading activities on news factors for the first week of November 2019 for some major accounts (FOREX investment program).‬ ‪🌐‬ ‪#TBMTRUST #result #investor #mlm #business #bitcoin #forex #hagefunds #mining #forks #IPO #betting #bet #ETF‬ submitted by TBMTRUST to u/TBMTRUST [link] [comments]

Looking for Derivative Resources (Options, Futures etc)

Hi guys/gals
I'm looking for resources on Derivatives. Would ideally like a couple of books that are introductory in nature or easy to read. But nothing that is for noobs as i'm a finance/accounting undergrad and actively trade Forex and CFDs
Ideally i'm looking at anything regarding risk management or actual case studies that deal specifically with companies using derivatives for hedging.
Thanks in advance :)
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A short report of trading activities for the first half of September for some major accounts of the FOREX investment program ( #investmentPortfolio #analytics #mlm #business #cryptocurrency #crypto #bitcoin #coins #forex #hagefund #mining #forks #IPO #betting #bet #ETF

A short report of trading activities for the first half of September for some major accounts of the FOREX investment program ( #investmentPortfolio #analytics #mlm #business #cryptocurrency #crypto #bitcoin #coins #forex #hagefund #mining #forks #IPO #betting #bet #ETF submitted by TBMTRUST to u/TBMTRUST [link] [comments]

Active Forex Trade Idea (NZDCAD) 8/20/18

Time Frame: H4
Type: Buy by market
Enry Price: 0.86500
Date/Time Called: Monday 8/20/18 (2:00 a.m)
SL: 0.86087
TP 1: .86800
TP 2: 0.875
TP 3: .8810
Idea only... called by Good Life Smurf... modified some points slightly may put in a very low risk trade just to follow along... no more then 2%... but must sleep soon here at 2 a.m... .02 deployed at 0.8647 ($6 risk hah... will deploy another .04 to hold longer with a tp 2... and layer in one more .04 if its going well tomorrow)... done and done... zzz... update brews to go. Risk for this is $18.89... or about 1.8% risk on this 1k trading account... any idea that isn't generating by yourself (it's a decent idea to keep below 2%; and just play along)
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How will the new changes to Volcker Rule affect forex markets and price-action trading?? The change will allow more prop trading by banks and greater market making activities...but what specifically, idk.

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New to forex trading (haven’t started yet) but I work in back office ops at a global investment firm. Is there anything I can learn from seeing the daily forex activity?

I see thousands of fx trades daily. I rarely, if ever, speak to the traders or pms throughout the day so I’m not learning anything. Are there things that I can look out for or pay attention to that can benefit my own training and development?
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FXPay: Boosting Trading Activities on Forex via Blockchain

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U.S. services activity declines in January - Orbex Forex Trading Blog

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Wellbeing Series: Trading and the Importance of an Active Hobby - Orbex Forex Trading Blog

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How do you invest in currency exchange rates without actively forex trading?

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Need Advice if you were in my position

I currently work full time working a 8 to 5 kind of job. I have plenty of time on the weekend and a few hours after work to invest my time into learning about the world of trading. I have about 20k in the bank to play around with. Not saying I feel comfortable with throwing all 20k into the market but that’s where I stand. What should I focus on with the life style I have should I do traditional stocks, forex, crypto, a little bit of everything. I’m not trying to be a full time trader but I was thinking about trading as a side job. Where should I invest my time.
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Telegram Channels

Posts - Join (A catch all channel)
Indices trades -
Forex trades -
Options -
Prop trading / Funding -

For enquires / support / chat you can send messages directly to @ db_AUM. 8 hours a day there my assistant Chloe will be there to pick up and respond to any messages. Things you can contact Chloe for;

1 - If you think I owe you anything, contact Chloe. She'll get the details of it and forward it to me to be settled if required (I don't think this is anyone, tbh. But more than happy to review requests).

2 - If you want information on any products/services I launch.

3 - If you spend too much time online and want someone else to know about it. Chloe is patient and paid for her time. If you need a babysitter, hit up Chloe.

Active hours are UK business hours. Messages may go unanswered outside these hours but should be replied to within 12 business hours.
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Do you find yourself being more lucky and magnetic towards desirable events on SR streak? I'm specifically interested in people who make their money with forex trading, sales, playing pokesimilar games, etc. Where luck is considerably involved.
What do you think about it and can you really rely on SR as a source of increased luck(not 100% of luck, just a slight increase) and therefore take more risks with activities similar to the ones described above?
If yes, what are other ways of increasing your luck/magnetising ideal events and people in your life? Is it about increased vibration, life force, aura or something else?
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Which Broker to use if you have <100K

Hi, i am 23 right now and have been investing in stocks for a while. I'm currently using DBSV for sg stocks and Saxo for US stocks. Is IBKR better for US stocks in terms of overall fees ( Transaction, exchange rates, etc) if I have less than 100k invested and incur the monthly $10 fee?
Really appreciate replies as i'm on a dilemma right now!
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[Strategies] Here is My Trading Approach, Thought Process and Execution

Hello everyone. I've noticed a lot of us here are quite secretive about how we trade, especially when we comment on a fellow trader's post. We're quick to tell them what they're doing isn't the "right way" and they should go to babypips or YouTube. There's plenty of strategies we say but never really tell them what is working for us. There's a few others that are open to share their experience and thought processes when considering a valid trade. I have been quite open myself. But I'm always met with the same "well I see what you did is quite solid but what lead you to deem this trade valid for you? "
The answer is quite simple, I have a few things that I consider which are easy rules to follow. I realized that the simpler you make it, the easier it is for you to trade and move on with your day.
I highlight a few "valid" zones and go about my day. I've got an app that alerts me when price enters the zone on my watchlist. This is because I don't just rely on forex trading money, I doubt it would be wise to unless you're trading a 80% win rate strategy. Sometimes opportunities are there and we exploit them accordingly but sometimes we are either distracted by life issues and decide to not go into the markets stressed out or opportunities just aren't there or they are but your golden rules aren't quite met.
My rules are pretty simple, one of the prime golden rules is, "the risk is supposed to be very minimal to the reward I want to yield from that specific trade". i.e I can risk -50 pips for a +150 and more pips gain. My usual target starts at 1:2 but my most satisfying trade would be a 1:3 and above. This way I can lose 6/10 trades and still be profitable.
I make sure to keep my charts clean and simple so to understand what price does without the interference of indicators all over my charts. Not to say if you use indicators for confluence is a complete no-no. Each trader has their own style and I would be a narcissistic asshole if I assumed my way is superior than anybody else's.
NB: I'm doing this for anybody who has a vague or no idea of supply and demand. Everything here has made me profitable or at least break even but doesn't guarantee the same for you. This is just a scratch on the surface so do all you can for due diligence when it comes to understanding this topic with more depth and clear comprehension.
Supply and Demand valid zones properties; what to me makes me think "oh this zone has the potential to make me money, let me put it on my watchlist"? Mind when I say watchlist, not trade it. These are different in this sense.
👉With any zone, you're supposed to watch how price enters the zone, if there's a strong push in the opposite direction or whatever price action you're observing...only then does the zone becomes valid. YOU TRADE THE REACTION, NOT THE EXPECTATION Some setups just fail and that's okay because you didn't gamble. ✍
FTR. Failure to Return.(Please read on these if you haven't. They are extremely important in SnD). Mostly occur after an impulse move from a turning point. See attached examples: RBR(rally base rally)/DBD(drop base drop). They comprise of an initial move to a certain direction, a single candle in the opposite direction and followed by 2 or more strong candles in the initial direction. The opposite candle is your FTR(This is your zone) The first time price comes back(FTB) to a zone with an FTR has high possibilities to be a strong zone.
How to identify high quality zones according to my approach:
  1. Engulfing zones; This is a personal favorite. For less errors I identify the best opportunities using the daily and 4H chart.
On the example given, I chose the GBPNZD trade idea I shared here a month ago I believe. A double bottom is easily identified, with the final push well defined Bullish Engulfing candle. To further solidify it are the strong wicks to show strong rejection and failure to close lower than the left shoulder. How we draw our zone is highlight the whole candle just before the Engulfing Candle. That's your zone. After drawing it, you also pay attention to the price that is right where the engulfing starts. You then set a price alert on your preferred app because usually price won't get there immediately. This is the second most important part of trading, PATIENCE. If you can be disciplined enough to not leave a limit order, or place a market order just because you trust your've won half the battle because we're not market predictors, we're students. And we trade the reaction.
On the given example, price had already reached the zone of interest. Price action observed was, there was a rejection that drove it out of the zone, this is the reaction we want. Soon as price returns(retests)...this is your time to fill or kill moment, going to a 4H or 1H to make minimum risk trades. (See GBPNZD Example 1&2)
  1. Liquidity Run; This approach looks very similar to the Engulfing zones. The difference is, price makes a few rejections on a higher timeframe level(Resistance or support). This gives the novice trader an idea that we've established a strong support or resistance, leading to them either selling or buying given the opportunity. Price then breaks that level trapping the support and resistance trader. At this point, breakout traders have stop orders below or above these levels to anticipate a breakout at major levels with stops just below the levels. Now that the market has enough traders trapped, it goes for the stop losses above or below support and resistance levels after taking them out, price comes back into the level to take out breakout traders' stop losses. This is where it has gathered enough liquidity to move it's desired direction.
The given example on the NZDJPY shows a strong level established twice. With the Bearish Engulfing movement, price leaves a supply zone...that's where we come in. We go to smaller timeframes for a well defined entry with our stops above the recent High targeting the next demand zone.
The second screenshot illustrates how high the reward of this approach is as well. Due diligence is required for this kind of approach because it's not uncommon but usually easily misinterpreted, which is why it's important it's on higher timeframes.
You can back test and establish your own rules on this but the RSI in this case was used for confluence. It showed a strong divergence which made it an even easier trade to take.
...and last but definitely not least,
  1. Double Bottom/Top. (I've used double bottoms on examples because these are the only trades I shared here so we'll talk about double bottoms. Same but opposite rules apply on double tops).
The first most important rule here is when you look to your left, price should have made a Low, High and a Lower Low. This way, the last leg(shoulder) should be lower than the first. Some call this "Hidden Zones". When drawing the zones, the top border of the zone is supposed to be on the tip of the Low and covering the Lower Low. **The top border is usually the entry point.
On the first given example I shared this week, NZDCAD. After identifying the structure, you start to look for zones that could further verify the structure for confluence. Since this was identified on the 4H, when you zoom out to the daily chart...there's a very well defined demand zone (RBR). By now you should know how strong these kind of zones are especially if found on higher timeframes. That will now be your kill zone. You'll draw another zone within the bigger zone, if price doesn't close below've got a trade. You'll put your stop losses outside the initial zone to avoid wicks(liquidity runs/stop hunts)
On the second image you'll see how price closed within the zone and rallied upwards towards your targets.
The second example is CHFJPY; although looking lower, there isn't a rally base rally that further solidifies our bias...price still respected the zone. Sometimes we just aren't going to get perfect setups but it is up to us to make calculated risks. In this case, risk is very minimal considering the potential profit.
The third example (EURNZD) was featured because sometimes you just can't always get perfect price action within your desired zone. Which is why it's important to wait for price to close before actually taking a trade. Even if you entered prematurely and were taken out of the trade, the rules are still respected hence a re entry would still yield you more than what you would have lost although revenge trading is wrong.
I hope you guys learnt something new and understand the thought process that leads to deciding which setups to trade from prepared supply and demand trade ideas. It's important to do your own research and back testing that matches your own trading style. I'm more of a swing trader hence I find my zones using the Daily and 4H chart. Keeping it simple and trading the reaction to your watched zone is the most important part about trading any strategy.
Important Note: The trade ideas on this post are trades shared on this sub ever since my being active only because I don't want to share ideas that I may have carefully picked to make my trading approach a blind pick from the millions on the internet. All these were shared here.
Here's a link to the trade ideas analyzed for this post specifically
Questions are welcome on the comments section. Thank you for reading till here.
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ActivTrades Forex Broker ActivTrades Forex Brokers - YouTube ActivTrades - Forex und CFDs mit MetaTrader 4 handeln Amazing Trading Day of 8 Active Trades! (Forex Analysis ... Activ Trades Forex Broker Review Tutorial AUDNZD GBPAUD Setups + Profitable Active Trades (Forex ... ActivTrades - Forex Trading - YouTube

ActivTrades Market Maker – Forex und CFDs. Das Unternehmen ermögliche laut Selbstaussage das Trading mit Forex und CFDs. Der ActivTrades Spread und der ActivTrades Hebel seien attraktiv. Jedoch: Sowohl der Forex-Handel als auch das CFD-Trading sind Anlageformen, die bei sehr vielen Investoren in der Vergangenheit zu hohen Verlusten geführt haben. Was genau es damit auf sich hat, lesen Sie ... ActivTrades PLC ist verantwortlich für Transaktionen, die über Debit,- oder Kreditkarten abgewickelt werden Android ist eine Handelsmarke der Google Inc. Windows Mobile ist eine Handelsmarke der Microsoft Corporation in den Vereinigten Staaten und anderen Ländern. iPhone, iPad und iPod sind in den USA und anderen Ländern als Markenzeichen der Firma Apple Inc. registriert. Forex specifications incorporate the individual contract details and the conditions under which they can be traded. Margins – the amount of your equity required to open a trading position.. Spreads – the difference between the bid and ask price for a currency pair.. Swaps – the interest rate calculation representing the cost or reward of holding open positions overnight. ActivTrades Corp is a subsidiary of ActivTrades PLC, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 434413. ActivTrades PLC is a company registered in England & Wales, registration number 05367727. For our FCA regulated UK headquarters please click here. ActivTrades PLC is responsible for card payment processing. ActivTrades bietet eine vielseitige und innovative Produktpalette: Mit der beliebten Handelsplattform MetaTrader 5 erhalten Kunden Zugang zum Handel mit über 50 Währungspaaren auf dem globalen Forex-Markt. Hinzu kommen Gold, Silber, Öl, globale Indizes und weitere Rohstoff-CFDs sowie auch Aktien-CFDs. Der britische Broker ActivTrades bietet privaten Investoren und Tradern nicht nur einen schnellen, sondern auch einen zuverlässigen Zugang zum Intraday-Handel an den internationalen Finanzmärkten. Darüber hinaus bietet der Forex- und CFD-Broker neben einer fortschrittlichen Handelsplattform über das 24 Stunden täglich besetzte Support-Desk auch Betreuung und technische Unterstützung an ... ACTIVTRADES im Test – Erfahrungen mit Forex. 1,8. Gut. Min. Einzahlung: 1000 € Max. Hebel: 1:30: EUR/USD Spread: ab 0,5 Pips: Hauptsitz: London: Gegründet: 2001: Regulierung: FCA (9) Erfahrungen Testbericht Plattform Handelsangebot Gebühren & Service. Der Name ActivTrades löst bei langjährigen Händlern automatisch Glücksgefühle aus. Kein Wunder, hat der Anbieter seit der Gründung ... ActivTrades serves individual and institutional clients, providing sophisticated tools and services that match the needs of both client categories. Clients can trade with our own trading platform ActivTrader and MetaTrader 4 and 5, two of the most popular trading platforms available in the industry. We provide trading services for more than 50 currency pairs as […] Mit ActivTrades Forex handeln oder mit CFDs auf Devisen, Indizes & Rohstoffe spekulieren; Mit ActivTrades Bitcoin-CFDs traden; Registriert bei der britischen FCA und der Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) Sehr hohe Einlagensicherung über bis zu 85.000 Britische Pfund je Anleger (FSCS) Handel wahlweise über die hauseigene Plattform ActivTrades oder die Software Meta ...

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ActivTrades Forex Broker

Join My Trading Mentorship Program complete walk through of this forex broker. trade cfd. complete review for activ trades broker review. activtrades review ... We have a very rare occurrence today where on the day trading side we have 8 (!) active trades right now which is not something you see everyday. I am person... ActivTrades is an independent broker offering trading services in Forex, CFDs, Spread Betting and Shares. No Dealing Desk. MetaTrader 4 and 5. Mobile Trading. Customer support 24 hours a day, 5 ... Heute zeigen wir Ihnen wie einfach Sie einen Account bei ActivTrades erstellen und ein Demokonto generieren können. Dazu ist nur eine kostenlose Registrierun... ActivTrades ist ein unabhängiger Broker für Produkte und Leistungen zum Handel von Forex, CFDs, und Aktien. Mobile Trading. Spread ab 0.8. Keine Requotes Kei... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The open trades we are currently in on NZDUSD AUDUSD EURAUD NZDJPY AUDJPY AUDCAD are all going extremely well with prices moving towards our target profits a...